Tailored Programmes

Tailored Programmes

Our programmes are designed to challenge the status quo, expose the real issues within your business and introduce techniques to develop the leadership capability within your organisation. Our experiential learning sessions are high-impact, immersive and targeted to your business and employees.

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We offer a suite of modules through which we tailor programs for our clients’ specific challenges. The programmes are targeted towards your current strategic objectives, vision and values. Through in-depth psychometric assessment and group training led by business psychologists, participants are equipped to make life-changing personal development decisions – charting their individual routes to leadership success.

Design principles

Neuroscience based – ground-breaking research in neuroscience and psychology over the past two decades shows that traditional management techniques can be flawed. Leaders need to understand how the brain operates in order to learn how to improve leadership behaviours and performance.

Experiential – learning through doing, not showing. Using innovative exercises and physiological technology to create powerful learning experiences, we challenge participants’ thinking and hardwired habits to reveal how they impact their behaviours and performance.

Actionable – participants are challenged to commit to adopting new practiced techniques within their workplace. We follow up with participants to reinforce the learnings from the sessions and gain their commit to action them. Management reports are provided to clients to ensure that participants’ specific actions are followed up through internal talent management processes. We aim to develop lasting client relationships, reinforcing the adoption of brain-based skills and behaviours further into their organisation.

Coaching and Assessments

Our team of trainers has in-depth experience in executive coaching, supported by a range of cutting-edge coaching and assessment tools which help participants embed the learnings from the courses into their own work environments.