Behind closed doors: a view from Davos

Behind closed doors: a view from Davos

The Club, Agion Omologiton 97, Agioi Omologites, 1080 Nicosia, Cyprus

venue Nicosia

dates 30 January, 2019 add event to diary

time 6:00 pm-10:00 pm

Attending (max 3) ?

Led by Davos-attendee Jules Chappell OBE, the UK’s youngest-ever Ambassador and a Member of the Mayor of London’s team, responsible for telling London's post-Brexit story around the world, the evening will provide an intimate forum for open discussions on all aspects of the World’s most exclusive conference.

With Davos set to see the world’s most influential decision-makers and leaders from governments, corporate organisations and financial institutions discussing the key issues of the moment, there is no doubt that will be a forum to remember.

Back in the comfort of the Club, Jules will share unrivalled analysis of what was discussed, who made waves, what was agreed and the implications for politics, economics, finance and business in 2019. The session will also consider the risks and opportunities that face Europe’s largest financial and technology centre, London, in the coming months. Importantly, Jules will look at what Brexit really means for Cyprus and the London-Cypriot community.

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