Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Recent ground-breaking research in the field of cognitive science is leading us to a far greater understanding of how to improve leadership behaviours and performance. Those who understand and implement this research will be in a position to take competitive advantage over their rivals.

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Neuroscience and leadership: Core human skills

Until now, access to brain-based leadership development programmes has been exclusive to academic institutions and cost prohibitive. Our vision is to make the latest thinking and techniques accessible and practical for all; to look beyond solely technical improvements and focus on helping leaders to master the personal behavioural changes needed both to thrive as a leader and to grow their business.

In this digital world, human skills are becoming more important – and more neglected – than ever before. Human skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, resilience, critical thinking, coaching, collaboration and conflict management can be the differentiator in the workplace.


Open Courses

No upcoming open courses, please come back soon.

Tailored programmes

We tailor programmes for our clients’ specific challenges, pulling from our suite of training modules. Our programmes are designed to challenge the status quo, expose the real issues within your business and introduce techniques for developing the leadership capability within your organisation. Our experiential learning sessions are high-impact, immersive and targeted to your business and employees.

All our programmes are:

  • Neuroscience based
  • Experiential
  • Actionable

Client Stories

Our clients are a source of inspiration, constantly challenging us to grow and challenge the status quo. We like to think we do the same for them.

A true professional who cares about creating value for her clients.The training course that Valentina ran and which I attended, was one of the most valuable trainings of my professional life.

Monica Ioannidou Polemitis | Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at Deloitte