Our Story

Founded by Valentina Kislaya in 2015, Phoenix Leaders began in Cyprus as a leadership and executive training consultancy. After relocating to the UK, Valentina has since established herself in London and in Cyprus as an advocate of training that challenges how we learn and lead.

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She believes passionately in a reinvigoration of the traditional training approach and the evolution of courses that are more dynamic, more experiential and interactive, and more impactful through practical applications. Phoenix Leaders builds on Valentina’s cross-cultural and cross-generational experience to encompass all levels throughout an organisation, recognising the shift in leadership models and the changing influences that are disrupting our work environments.

Meet some of the Phoenix Leaders team

At Phoenix Leaders, we like to think of our team as a collective. Within our ranks we have a team of experts from around the world, all of whom have lived in multiple countries and worked with a wide range of companies and organisations, meaning that they can all contribute a variety of unique insights into the issues facing our clients and their businesses.