13 October, 2020

9:30 am-12:30 pm

(7 spaces available)

13th & 15th October – Conflict Management – Live Online Course


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Workplace conflict can have a hugely negative impact on organisations. According to the Confederation of Business Industry, it costs UK business alone an estimated £33billion per year, taking up 20% of leadership time and losing up to 370 million working days. Conflict can be the source of destructive stress and waste of resources – but managed properly, conflict can also be a source of great productivity and innovation.

This live online instructor led conflict management course, taught in 3hr learning blocks over 2 days, offers a range of tools to help manage workplace disagreements.

Learning objectives

On completion of the workshop, the participant will:

  • Describe conflict and how it arises
  • Identify toxic situations and approaches to handle them successfully
  • Explain the role of neuroscience in managing conflict
  • Assess their own and others’ modes of conflict
  • Develop methods to manage/handle difficulties with people as they happen

 Workshop outline

  • Raise your awareness of conflict: Defining conflict, identifying the common sources, benefits and drawbacks of conflict.
  • Roles in conflict: Exploring the belief/behaviour cycle that can underpin conflict as well as the roles and responses people often display when conflict arises.
  • Manage yourself in conflict: Exploring the role of neuroscience in mastering your own emotions in a conflict situation.
  • Dealing with conflict: Introducing and exploring multiple models and conflict resolution tools.
  • Communication in conflict: Preparing for and managing difficult conversations and the key interpersonal skills needed for resolving conflict.
  • Moving forward: Employing a systematic approach to solve conflicts using the five key conflict handling strategies.