8:30 am-4:00 pm


Spring 2020 – Collaboration & relationships

The Club, Nicosia

Collaboration has never been easy however in recent years it has become much more complex as teams become more dynamic, dispersed, diverse and digital. By increasing your understanding about how teams work you can improve collaborative capability and achieve higher quality results for yourself and your team. In this highly interactive one-day programme you will learn more about effective and ineffective group processes and how to create the conditions that allow you to adopt a more active role in achieving success for your team.


  • Understand the neuroscience and psychology that impact group performance
  • Understand the four fundamental factors that ensure team effectiveness
  • Learn how to create a shared mindset and purpose.
  • Adapt your communication to suit cultural differences in the team
  • Use a practical brain-based model to better understand and influence others within your workforce.
  • How to build trust and cooperation within your team
  • Master active listening techniques so that we get the data as well as the context.
  • Provide structure and processes to be able to ask questions effectively

Who should attend: The programme is suitable for both experienced and emerging leaders, managers, trainers and hr / personnel staff. The sessions are interactive, focused and designed for practical application. For the purposes of skills training, participants should be prepared to discuss current challenges in one to one or in small group work.

Concessions are available for those wishing to book the entire four-course series; booking more than three places at any session; and for Members of The Club.

Price: €250 +VAT