8:30 am-4:00 pm


Spring 2020 – Managing and facilitating change

The Club, Nicosia

Highly competitive markets, political uncertainty, constantly evolving business environments and the frequent updating and utilisation of technology mean leaders are on the frontline of change every single day. This intensive one-day programme will help you personally cope better with change, so that you, in turn, can be more effective in helping others. It will increase your understanding and awareness of the change process, give you tools, skills and strategies which you can apply at each stage allowing you to respond more effectively.


  • Recognise different types of change: individual, team and organisational
  • Explore how the change process has distinct phases with different types of psychological responses
  • Overcome resistance to change and the neuroscience of breaking habits.
  • Understand the importance of moving to a growth mindset to facilitate change.
  • Use a change toolkit to deal effectively with each stage of the cycle
  • Learn the art of feedback and its role in helping facilitate change
  • Return to the workplace confident in your ability to manage and implement the change process effectively

Who should attend: The programme is suitable for both experienced and emerging leaders, managers, trainers and hr / personnel staff. The sessions are interactive, focused and designed for practical application.  For the purposes of skills training, participants should be prepared to discuss current challenges in one to one or in small group work.

Concessions are available for those wishing to book the entire four-course series; booking more than three places at any session; and for Members of The Club.

Price: €250 +VAT